January 2008


Crucial Conflict Announce New Album

After a nine year hiatus, Crucial Conflict returns with their third official album, Planet Crucon, on January 29th.

“We’re gonna make Chicago proud because this album represents unity,” Coldhard said. “It’s a new and improved Crucial Conflict… We weren’t on our time; we were on God’s time. Now it’s time to give the people what they were missing.”

I was always a little salty with the way things went down with Crucial Conflict. The Final Tic went triple platinum and its follow-up, Good Side-Bad Side went gold and then something happened with the label. Does anyone have any info on what went down with their Pallas/Universal deal?

At least we’ll always have the Belly cameo. Word to Ike Love.

Related: Much respect to Crucial Conflict, who are Chicago legends in their own right, but what’s up with this album cover? Seriously. It reeks of “Blue Cheese” (Ayo!). Actually, this could be a zoom, cut & paste of another Chi-Town Hip Hop album cover that I despised.

Spotted via: Mrs Windy City

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Lupe: “Shooting Tec-9’s When We Were Babies”

In the current issue of Entertainment Weekly, writer Margeaux Watson asked Mr. Fiasco if he was picked on as a kid. Lupe responded:

“When the gangbangers would try to pull it, I was like, ‘Yo, I will f**k you up. And if you wanna call your cousin, call him. I’ll call me! I’ll call me right now.’ We were shooting TEC-9s when we were babies, so the whole gangsta image, that ain’t nothing.”

Initial thoughts:

If you call yourself, do you need call waiting?

Spotted via Rizoh

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Giveaway: Free Rhymefest Concert Tickets – Friday

Fake Shore Drive is raffling off two pairs of FREE tickets to this Friday’s (January 18) Rhymefest concert at the Metro here in Chicago, courtesy of the good people at Hype Promotions.

To win, all you have to do is answer one simple Rhymefest trivia question:

-Although ‘Fest was born and currently lives in Chicago, what other Midwestern city did he reside in?

Shoot your responses over to [email protected]

For those who don’t win the giveaway, you can still purchase tickets here.

**Thanks to Kristi at Hype Promotions

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