Kid Sister Explains Her Humble Beginnings to Allhiphop

Andrew Barber 3 has a somewhat thorough interview with Kid Sister that discusses her rise in the Chicago scene, how she hooked up with A-Trak and…jukin’ – among other things. Your crew is pretty hot right now; how did you all link up?

Kid Sister: [J2K and Autobot of Flosstradamus] started doing this party at a straight club in a completely gay part of [Chicago] called Boys Town. It was at this tiny club – the capacity was 75 – but we would pack 200 kids in there. Wall to wall people, and it started getting bigger so they had to move the party from that bar to a bigger place. [Flosstradamus] became legendary. These parties really blew them up to a point where they were like celebrities in Chicago. I, thank goodness, caught on to that trend too. I started doing shows, doing a couple of songs and drunkenly jumping on the stage. People were drunk and happy to be there. People would stand outside and wait to get into these parties for hours. It was super crazy.

You can check out the whole interview here