Kidz In The Hall Discuss Their New Sound

Andrew Barber 0

There’s a dope interview with Kidz In The Hall over at the XXL site. They discuss, among other things,  their Duck Down debut as well as the split with Rawkus Records – their previous recording home.

The most interesting part of the read, in my opinion, were their comments on the new sound of their latest single “Drivin Down The Block.”  I’ve heard more than a few people claim Double-O swagger-jacked Chuck Inglish (of the Cool Kids) on the beat, chorus and all-around vibe of the song.  
I think “Drivin’ Down the Block” is a banger regardless of what the gnats may say, and I thought they did a good job answering the question of their seemingly different sound:

Naledge: Let me break it down as far it could ever be broken. For those people that say that “Driving Down the Block” is different from School Was My Hustle, they’re not really listening to School Was My Hustle because I got records like “Go Ill” describing my complete life. I got songs like “Bros, Hoes and Liquor” that have been all over the mixtape circuit and in these records I describe my life coming up, and at no point in time have I ever said, “Yo, I’ve never wanted a nice car or I’ve never chased after women.” All of these things I talk about in the record if you listen to it, lyrically, you can see it’s not a departure from School Was My Hustle. I think what people are getting twisted is that it has the heavy 808, the interpolation of OutKast. I think the beat has people confused. I don’t think they realize that School Was My Hustle was made in 2004, 2005 and it’s now 2008. Nothing stays the same.

Job well done Naledge.  Check the full interview here.