Mixtape: Kidz In the Hall – Geniuses Need Love Too

Andrew Barber 0
(Sorry, I don’t have the artwork)
The homie Brian from sneaker and streetwear boutique, Solemates Chicago (Plug!), just returned home from hobnobbing and mingling with all of the celebrities in Las Vegas for the Magic Convention. While doing his thing out there he ran into Naledge and Double-O, better known as the Kidz In The Hall, who slid him a copy of their limited edition Valentines Day/Magic Convention Mixtape: Geniuses Need Love Too. The mix features some 90’s R&B as well as three tracks from their upcoming album, The In Crowd (they are the last three tracks on the mix). This was only for the folks at Magic, so enjoy the exclusive…

Check it out.

Kidz In The Hall – Geniuses Need Love Too

Big thanks to Brian at Solemates