February 2008


Yung Berg Shoots New Video in the Chi

Ruh-roh! Looks like Yung Berg is headed back to the Chi to shoot the clip for his next video,“Do Dat”- and is hosting casting calls now. You can apply for the shoot here.

They also give a brief description of the treatment which sounds like the most original video in the history of music videos (sarcasm people!):

Detail of the video:

Opening in the kitchen of a local residence you’ll get inside a typical day for Yung Berg in the Chi with skillet on and a beautiful young woman cooking we get the taste and feel of home life authenticity.Yung Berg makes his way smoothly into the streets where he speeds off in the Phantom… lights streaking down a cold, windy Chicago street. You’ve never seen glamor meets the hood like this.

You’re right. Never.

Via HipHopRuckus

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Kid Sister Explains Her Humble Beginnings to Allhiphop

Allhiphop.com has a somewhat thorough interview with Kid Sister that discusses her rise in the Chicago scene, how she hooked up with A-Trak and…jukin’ – among other things.

AllHipHop.com: Your crew is pretty hot right now; how did you all link up?

Kid Sister: [J2K and Autobot of Flosstradamus] started doing this party at a straight club in a completely gay part of [Chicago] called Boys Town. It was at this tiny club – the capacity was 75 – but we would pack 200 kids in there. Wall to wall people, and it started getting bigger so they had to move the party from that bar to a bigger place. [Flosstradamus] became legendary. These parties really blew them up to a point where they were like celebrities in Chicago. I, thank goodness, caught on to that trend too. I started doing shows, doing a couple of songs and drunkenly jumping on the stage. People were drunk and happy to be there. People would stand outside and wait to get into these parties for hours. It was super crazy.

You can check out the whole interview here

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Leaders 1354 Team Up with Reebok for CTA Inspired Sneaks

The goodfellas at Chicago sneaker and streetwear boutique, Leaders 1354, are releasing these CRAZY Reebok Reverse Jams featuring colors from the various CTA lines that run throughout this beautiful city (Word to the Red Line). The best part: The CTA map on the bottom of the sole. Ridiculous.

These gems are slated for an April street date, but look for the release to have its wig pushed back due to production issues.

Mike & Vic, Mark, whoever – I need to be on the VIP list for these!

Spotted via URB

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Last Week’s Release of “Flashing Lights” is the Official Version

Contrary to many reports from various blogs and message boards around the internets, the “Flashing Lights” video released last week is the official clip. Not a teaser. Not a trailer. I knew the whole “This is just a promo, the real clip will be featured on 106th & Park Tonight” rumor was Media Fakeout material, so I kept my mouth shut. Apparently, ‘Ye did shoot two other versions of the video, only to leave them on the cutting room floor. That explains the Monster Squad-esque photo that was floating around last month.


There’s no dialogue. There’s no performance shot. The clip is just shy of three minutes (no, it’s not a preview for an extended version coming later). And, according to what West said at a Grammy afterparty, “Every piece of the video is me, what I represent now,” he said.

Oh yeah, now to the important stuff…Check out the write-up VH1 did on the true star of the video, Rita G, here. Definitely a fan favorite.

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