March 2008


Just Ro Speaks to FSD + Just Ro – On The Corner (Prod. by Kanye West)

Last night I posted the CLASSIC Just Ro and Common video for “Confusion” and mentioned that I’d caught up with Just Ro and was able to chat him up regarding his past present and future in the music industry. Check it out:

A Southside wild hundred native, I started out in 1996 with a label called D.A.L records out of Houston, TX. In 1997 I released “Make It Happen” an EP that was written and produced by myself and featured the lead single “Confusion” featuring Common. After underground success and national exposure from BET and The Video Jukebox, I began working with the production team of No I.D along side Dug Infinite, Spike Rebel, The Infamous Syndicate, and Common. However due to other contract commitments, I left the camp and moved to Houston and began work on what was to be my official album debut. After two years of recording and many creative differences with label head, Andre Lewis, in 1998 I returned to Chicago and established Relentless Records and released a full length LP entitled “Whatever It Takes” featuring a subordinate group called The Nation. In the summer of 1999 I released the lead single from that project entitled “whoop whoop” which gained some momentum on the street level but was halted by more legal issues and contract commitments. Frustrated and unable to gain release from contractual obligations, I walked away from music and began a career as a real estate investor. In 2004 i reunited with No I.D and Dug Infinite and began producing, writing and recording new material. I established a new brand, ALL OUT ENT, alongside partners Brian Cooper and Stephan Smith, moved to Dallas shortly afterward and have just completed the final touches on my new project which will be released in the fall of this year. It features production from Chicago producers No I.D, Kanye West, Ron & Shabazz, Xtreme Beats as well as the Texas-production-duo, Big Chris and Ripley. I’m also working with other artists, such as Chi-town female MC, Jamiss and pop artist Seth Simmons who is from Dallas on their current projects serving as a writer/producer and mentor.

Just Ro was also nice enough to include a track from his upcoming album, which was produced by Yeezy. Look for more from Just Ro in the future.

Just Ro – “On The Corner” (prod. by Kanye West)

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