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Kidz In The Hall: Tour Dates, Music, News

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So I take one day off from my blogging duties and Naledge and Double O go ahead and flood the internets with content.  So I’ll do my best to sum it all up for you.
First, The In Crowd release has had its wig pushed back until May 13, 2008.
Secondly, the Kidz are getting their model game correct and will be the face of 10 Deep’s Spring Collection.  More pics over at OnSmash. 
Also, a slew of Naledge freestyles have surfaced (I have a couple in the stash I’m sitting on).  Via Nahright and OS:
And lastly the Kidz are headed out on tour with the Gym Class Heroes.  Check Herfection for the dates.

Video: Talib Kweli & Pharoahe Monch LIVE in Chicago

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Talib performing “Hostile Gospel”

So last night I went up to the Park West to check out an MGD sponsored concert event (put on by Common Ground Marketing – Thanks Shareeff!) hosted by Phli’s Dave Jeff and radio-personality Leon Rogers. The featured artists? None other than Talib Kweli and Pharoahe Monch – both backed by a live band. Also, a “round table” style discussion was held prior to the show with Pharoahe and Talib discussing hip-hop, current events and much more.

Even though I’ve seen Talib like a hundred times, he never disappoints, and Pharoahe is obviously one of the best to touch a mic, so you’re always getting 110% from him. That is until Dave Jeff and Leon Rogers held a freestyle jam session at the end of the show where audience members were allowed to jump onstage and participate (everyone can rap and sing nowadays, huh) and when it was Pharoahe’s turn, either he wasn’t up to it, or the plug had been pulled on the whole operation – because he didn’t go “Acapulco”(see video). The world may never know why.

The audience also voted, via text message, to a secret MGD laboratory somewhere, on a question to ask Talib. The big winner was “Will Blackstar ever reunite for another album” and the answer from Talib was simply “Maybe”. Maybe? Maybe in Nevuary. Special thanks to those who voted via text message – enjoy the Miller spam for the rest of your life.

Sidenote: After the show, I ran into Pharoahe in the bathroom. I didn’t really want to shake his hand, you know? So I just kept it moving with a cheeseball smile. Awkward? Awkward!

Pharoahe Monch – “Free”

Talib Kweli – “Get By”

The infamous “Acapulco” pump-fake freestyle session.

Video: Yung Berg – “Do That There”

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Berg’s new video from his sophomore album, Look What You Made Me. Dropping this summer.

Mixtape: Pugs Atomz Presents… CTA Radio Vol. 2

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Pugs Atomz was nice enough to bless us with his latest Mixtape (for free download, no less) CTA Radio Vol. 2, mixed by Violator Allstar DJ, Mustafa Rocks.

This project features new, exclusive and classic Chicago music. Here is a little history lesson on CTA Radio for you kids who may not know:

Cta radio was started in 1999 by Pugs Atomz, Thaione Davis, and Kevin Maxi. Over the years their show has grown to be one of the prominent College radio shows in Chicago, focusing on local talent and Hip Hop abroad. Cta Radio Volume 1 is also availableon Raptivism records. Listen to CTA Radio live every Wed. 9pm-12am (CDT) uncensored on


1.Pugs & Mustafa Rocks -Cta Vol.
2 Intro2.Hall of fame -I wish
3.Mikkey -Chi Shit
4.Thaione Davis- Director’s cut
5.Common -Nuthin’ to do (Classic)
6.Drunken Monkeee -Be happy
7.Astonish -Can you hear me
8.Allegra Dee -The musics ok
9.Pugs Atomz -Go City (Exclusive)
11.Boardroom -Rebel(Renegade)
12.Eulorythmics-This morning (Exclusive)
13.Que Billah -So Nuts (Exclusive) feat. Really Doe and Phil G
14.Kidz in the Hall _Drivin down the block
15.Mass Hysteria -Diamonds and pearls Feat.Gravity & Juice
16.Awdazcate -Paid
17.Juice and the Machine- A day in the life
18.Cta Radio Interlude
19.Dug Infinite & No I.D. -Live (Classic)
20.Ivy League -Jamaican Carl (Exclusive)
21.Twista -No peace sign (Classic)
22.The Cool Kids -What it is
23.Just Flo -Good Time
24.Estelle feat. Kanye west -American Boy
25.Prime -pray for Karma (Exclusive)


Hit up Pugs on his myspace and thank the man….

Lungz Interview Part 1

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LUNGZ INTERVIEW 3/2008For more amazing video clips, click here

Discussing The Transition. Dropping April, 28th.

Just Ro – “Put Ya Hands Up” (Prod. by No ID)

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More material from Just Ro. This joint was produced by the one and only No ID. From Just Ro’s album – coming soon.

Just Ro – “Put Ya Hands Up”

Traxster Speaks on Trunk Music Delay

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Last night (er…early this morning, depending on where you were) The Legendary Traxster held a press conference live from Traxster Inc. Studios in Atlanta, GA to discuss the delay of Do or Die’s Trunk Music which was slated for release yesterday (3/18/08).

Basically the gist of why the album has been shelved indefinitely is due to contractual and financial disagreement between the two parties. A few months back Traxster acquired the rights to the Legion Records catalog, which was Do or Die’s former recording home. Unhappy with Do or Die’s finished product of the album they turned in, Trax went in an reproduced and remastered the entire album. Obviously a lot of red tape was involved, which lead to a standstill with the project. Will the album ever see the light of day? I wouldn’t hold your breath.

Although Traxster is no longer affiliated with Do or Die and has no plans to work with them in the immediate future, he did take the time to shout out Belo Zero of the famed group who is currently serving time on a murder charge.

For those of you who are dying to hear more from Traxster, the good news is you won’t have to wait too much longer, as Return of the Gangsta Music, his solo album, drops on April 8, 2008 – via iTunes.

Kidz In The Hall @ SXSW

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Yes, the Kidz have taken over the site.  Above is some Vimby footage from the Duck Down/Stones Throw Showcase at SXSW.  It’s still painful for me to watch, being that I missed the entire festival and all.  See ya next year?

Naledge – WHPK Freestyle

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Naledge dropped by to hit us with another exclusive freestyle. He spit this one on Chicago’s WHPK radio over Gangstarr’s “All 4 Tha Cash”. Enjoy.
Naledge – WHPK Freestyle

Video: Lupe Fiasco – “Hip Hop Saved My Life”

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Finally someone ripped this.  Heads have been asking about this ALL DAY LONG. Big thanks to the fellas over at Onsmash.  Watch it before the Atlantic goons remove it.