Astonish Chicago Tribune Feature

Andrew Barber 0

One of my favorite young artists in the city – the Molemen’s own, Astonish, recently had a solid feature in the Chicago Tribune.

That maturation is evident on the MC’s debut EP, “From Now Until Forever” (Molemen Records), released in February in anticipation of a full-length work the rapper hopes will surface this year. “I’m tired of hearing gangster [music],” he spits over a laid-back groove on “Can U Hear Me.” “If that’s what’s selling, then you selling out.”…

… It was outside a corner store in Chicago where an admittedly shy Astonish, then just 16, ripped out a handful of bars for a shocked crowd. “I don’t think anyone expected that to come out of me,” says the rapper. “That’s [partially] how I got my name.” When pressed to explain why his classmates were so taken aback by his skills, Astonish cops that, at only 5 feet 5 inches tall, he’s used to being underestimated.

Check out the full piece here.

On a side note, Astonish put on one hell of a show the other night at the Stop the Violence concert at the Cubby Bear. I tried to take some video and pictures of the event, but I got the big nix from the staff and promoters. Hopefully, I’ll have something by the end of the week.

Prime did an incredible job hosting, and Pugs Atomz, despite a loss in the family earlier in the evening, still showed up to support the cause (our condolences go out to Pugs and his family). Que Billah was there with Phil G and they did their thing as well.

If anyone has any footage of the event feel free to send over, I’m sure people would like to view. CBS has an article and video, but there is no embedding feature. Sorry.