GemStones is doing his Homework

Andrew Barber 0

I know a lot of people have asked why Gem isn’t out on the road with Lupe and the rest of the FNF gang for the Glow In The Dark Tour. Well, as Gem put it in a recent interview with Ruby Hornet, he decided to fall back and take care of what’s most important to him – getting his buzz correct:

Gems confesses:

I was supposed to be on the Glow tour, but I took this time to stay here and record and do interviews such as the one I’m doing now, and do all the groundwork. My mom always told me, ‘do your homework first, go out and play later.’ This my homework right now. I could be on tour with Kanye and Lupe, jumping around the stage and signing autographs, but do your homework first. It’s playtime later.

Man, you have to be a strong-willed person to turn down something like that. Good for him. Check the rest of the interview over at RubyHornet.