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GemStones feat. Sarah Green – “Skeletons”

| May 28, 2008 | 0 Comments

New GemStones joint from The Tesitmony of GemStones mixtape, which is scheduled to drop next week. Can I get a confirmation on that?

GemStones feat. Sarah Green – “Skeletons”

Shout to KayCee

Video: Mazzi – “Class Dismissed”

| May 27, 2008 | 0 Comments

Things are getting serious, huh?  As long as it’s in the spirit of hip-hop, and it stays on wax (or youtube for that matter), then it’s great entertainment.  

However, per Mic T, the phone conversation was edited and chopped up to make him come off that way, and not at all how things actually went down.  
Round 3 anyone?

No ID Discusses Career Highlights, Offers Advice for Upstarts

| May 27, 2008 | 0 Comments’s 24 Grind blog, did a little write up on the illustrious career of Chicago beatsmith No ID.  He discusses his work on American Gangster (wow – two mentions of AG twice in one FSD day?) as well as offers “life advice” for budding producers/emcess:

No ID relays: 

You have to realize that life is not music- you have to have a life plan that makes sense for real life and not a fantasy music plan, thinking that music can make your whole life be what people think it is. I say that because a lot of times, most jobs that people do in real life nobody can wake up and just do. No one can wake up and say “I’m an engineer” – you have to go to school, get the training and then do it. But as far as music people wake up and think they can say “I’m a rapper” or “I’m a producer.” I think a lot of people don’t really study and don’t really know what they’re doing and end up failing in life because they created an illusion in their mind. Life will tell you that you can’t do that without educating yourself in what you do.

Check out the article in its entirety here.

Ras – “Out of Control (Lance Armstong)”

| May 27, 2008 | 0 Comments

Chicago-producer Prolyfic brings to us a new voice for the Windy City: RasRok.  Ras has been putting in work in Chicago for years, but he and Pro are about to make a serious GO at it (pun intended).  Pro’s got some HEAT up his sleeve and Ras is no joke.  I’m telling you to keep your eyes peeled. 

Ras – “Out of Control (Lance Armstrong)” – produced by Prolyfic 

Mic Terror vs. Mazzi Round 2

| May 27, 2008 | 0 Comments

Looks like someone gave Mazzi the drop on Mic Terror’s cellphone.  Damn.  The clues probably lie in the shout outs at the end?

Patiently waiting on Mic’s rebuttal here.
Thanks to Khal for hitting me with this (via Nahright)