Video: The Cool Kids & All Natural Live @ the Darfur Now Benefit Show

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The Cool Kids – “What Up Man”

Last night Chicago’s Abbey Pub hosted the Darfur Now benefit show, which is on a nationwide excursion holding concerts and screenings of the critically acclaimed new documentary Darfur Now, which aims to raise, not only funds, but also awareness concerning the brutal genocide in Darfur.

I headed up to the Abbey Pub with’s RTC to check out the evenings festivities. The show boasted opening DJ sets from local favorites Willy Joy and the recently-First & Fifteenth-signed Million $ Mano (as one half of He Say, She Say duo) who spun to a packed house. Chicago’s storied hip-hop group, All Natural, took the stage first and absolutely rocked it. The headlining duo, The Cool Kids, closed out the evening and had the whole building shaking. These kids really love Chuck and Mikey Rocks here…

On a side note, a big congrats goes out to The Cool Kids who’s Bake Sale EP reached the Top 10 Albums on iTunes and is #2 in the Hip Hop category. Job well done.

Enough from me – check the vids:

The Cool Kids – “One Two” (with a Beastie Boys medley)

The Cool Kids – “Gettin It/What It Is”

All Natural take the stage

All Natural – “Southside”

Big thanks to Jesse @ DF, Eric Recio, and of course, Shane & Eddie @ the Marketing Division