Common Gets His Wig Pushed Back

Andrew Barber 0

Invincible Fall?  Indeed.  Looks like the powers that be knew Common was on some shit with this one, so they pushed the release date back to September.  I guess they saw that “Universal Mind Control” was a real shit sandwich and did some damage control.  What do you want to bet that by the time this actually comes out Kanye West will be involved?

ThatsHipHop reports:

Common’s upcoming E-P, Invincible Summer, has been pushed back to a tentative release date of September 23rd. He tells us, “You can expect some fresh music that you’ve never heard from Common before…definitely a new sound. The inspiration came from me being out at them clubs. I said I want people to feel my music in that way… Not only do they know Common as this conscious artist who brings thoughtful lyrics, but we can dance to some of his music, too, and just smile and let go of our problems.”