Fully G – “There She Goes Again”

Andrew Barber 4

So earlier in the week I put out an APB on 90’s Chicago hip-hopper and missing person, Fully G, who released the “There She Goes Again” 12″ in 1994. I absolutely loved this song way back, but I’ve heard nothing from him since . I decided it was time to try and hunt down Fully G, for closure, of course. A quick Google search turned up absolutely nothing on Fully G. I mean not even a picture or a mention of the 12″. Fully G isn’t even the phonebook – believe me, I checked.

I first contacted Mike Treese (of Mass Hysteria) and Pugs Atomz to see if they had a copy of the track in Mp3 form (because if anyone would have it, it would be one of them) – I was later referred to DJ Rude One who came through and delivered (Pugs did as well), and even included the remix. Intrigued, Rude One decided to throw out a few feelers to see if he could help me locate Fully G for some kind of statement. Again, I came up shorter than a midget on his knees. So I figured, for now, these Mp3’s of the original version and remix will have to do.
So, please if anyone knows the whereabouts of Fully G, or whatever happened to him, please shoot me a line or put me in contact with him. I was going to holler at Robert Stack, but then I remembered he was dead (Zing!) Please help me solve this milk carton case.
Thanks to Mike Treese, Rude One and Pugslee for their contributions.