Mikkey Halsted – “Luv My N****z”

Andrew Barber 0

I hate to be known as Mr. Vintage over here (please call me “Mr. Garage Sale Mp3 Man”), but seriously, if music is in the vaults, it really needs to see the light of day.

Did you ever wonder what Mikkey would’ve sounded like over a Cash Money beat? Well if the curiosity was killing your cat (say what?), then look no further. I’ve gotten my hands on the very first track Mr. Halsted ever recorded during his stint at Cash Money (is an Army, better yet a Navy).

What do you guys think? Would you have liked a whole CD of Mikk over Mannie, or would you prefer to hear him spit over No ID, Kanye and 11 20?

Mikkey Halsted – “Luv My N****z”

Edit: In quite possibly the quickest conversion turnaround time ever, Nico B comes through in the clutch. A special thanks to him.