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Lupe Fiasco – "Diddy (Freestyle)"

| June 26, 2008 | 0 Comments

Another lost and forgotten Lupe Fiasco freestyle. Here he spits over Diddy’s Neptunes-assisted ode to his alias.

I love the way he used to go in…He just snaps here, plain and simple.

Lupe Fiasco – “Diddy (Freestyle)”

Video: Mikkey Halsted Previews "I'm A Rider"

| June 26, 2008 | 0 Comments

Earlier in the week I posted some footage of Mikkey Halsted in the studio (The Attic, to be exact) with a few Chicago journalists as he played some music from his upcoming album, Chicago: The Photo Album. In this Ruby Hornet-directed clip, Mikkey plays his Lil Wayne-influenced verse from his upcoming collaboration with Mick Luter, “I’m A Rider”. He also discusses his thoughts on his former Cash Money colleague. The vid comes courtesy of

Kanye to Retire?

| June 26, 2008 | 0 Comments

The ever-reliable news source, Media Fakeout, is “reporting” that Kanye West is contemplating a retirement from the Hip Hop business to concentrate on side-ventures such as his clothing label.

The MT rumor states:

The music insider explained to, “He’s been through a lot in the past year and I know he’s just not into [music] like he was before.” The insider added, “When I spoke to him, he just kept talking about how he wanted to go into fashion. [To] create his own label and all that.”

And according to our insider, it wouldn’t be the worst move for him. The executive told, “Right now he’s at the top of his game … and it’s always best to go out on top.”

Personally, I’m calling shenanigans here, but who knows. When Jay-Z left, he went out on top (but couldn’t stay away for long), and so was Ma$e. Um, okay, maybe not so much Mason Betha. I’ve heard it all before though. Word to Sunshine Anderson.

Payroll – "I Got It"

| June 26, 2008 | 0 Comments

Due to the high volume of requests I received yesterday, I had to hunt down this Payroll track in MP3 form. Thanks for Mr. Webb for sending over. You’re really diggin’ the Portishead sample, huh? The quality isn’t exactly 100, but it’ll have to do for now.

Payroll – “I Got It”

Common feat. Pharrell – "Announcement"

| June 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

Another joint (possibly) from the now-delayed Invincible Summer. An improvement from “UMC”, in my opinion. Comm channeling “Who Shot Ya” here…Interesting.

Common feat. Pharrell – “Announcement”

Spotted via Master Shake

Just Ro feat. Common – "Confusion"

| June 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

I posted the video for this lost-and-found track many moons ago, in the early days of FSD, and I’ve been searching high and low (*small exaggeration*) for a copy of this MP3 to post for your listening pleasure for quite some time.

The video received a respectable amount of national exposure on BET & The Box in its heyday and was featured on his hard-to-find and criminally out of print debut, Make It Happen. The EP was written and produced in its entirety by Just-Ro – and found some solid underground success. I remember having a hard time even finding this EP back in ’97, you know, before the internets became what they are today. So from the vaults I bring you…

Just Ro feat. Common – “Confusion”

Mixtape: Kanye West x Hevehitta x Dub Floyd – Fast Forward

| June 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

The homie Hevehitta just sent over his latest mixtape hosted by Kanye West. I have it to give it up to Heve and Dub, that’s pretty big to get Yeezy to host your mixtape. Well played. Where’d you get those Go Getter tracks?

Download a copy for FREE here.

Shout to Hevehitta

Tracklist as follows:

01. Mixtapekings (Intro)
02. Fast Foward (Intro) with Kanye West
03. Flashing Lights (Dub Floyd Screamixx) ft/ Talib Kweli
04. Put On ft/ Young Jeezy
05. Can’t Tell Me Nothin (Remix) ft/ Young Jeezy
06. Lollipop (Remix) ft/ Lil’ Wayne
07. Barry Bonds (Dub Floyd Screamixx) ft/ Lil’ Wayne
08. American Boy (Remix) ft/ Estelle & Busta Rhymes
09. Stronger (DJ A-Trak Remix)
10. Sky High Graduates (Dub Floyd Screamixx) CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell)
11. Say My Name (Interude) with Kanye West
12. Line For Line ft/ Grav (96′ Rewind) One Of Kanye’s 1st Appearances
13. Livin’ A Movie
14. 03′ Electric Relaxation ft/ Consequence
15. Paid The Price ft/ Do Or Die
16. Throw Some D’s (Freestyle)
17. Fight With The Best ft/ Rhymefest & Mikkey (Rewind)
18. Weak Azz Producer Rap Segment: Wack Nigga (Acapella Verse)
19. So Soulful (Dub Floyd Screamixx) ft/ Jay-Z, Consequence & John Legend
20. World Record Holders ft/ GLC & Really Doe (The Go Getters)
21. Plastic ft/ Really Doe
22. Everyone Nose (Remix) ft/ CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell), N.E.R.D. & Pusha T
23. Us Placers ft/ CRS (Kanye, Lupe & Pharrell)
24. Ya’ Heard (Interude) with Kanye West
25. Good Life ft/ T. Pain
26. Everything I Am (Freestyle Live @ The G-Shock 25th Anniversary Event)
27. Summer Jam 08′ (Freestyle)
28. Hey Mama (Grammy Version)
29. Homecoming ft/ Chris Martin
30. Fast Forward (Outro) with Kanye West
31. Bonus: Colin Monroe ft/ Little Brother – I Want Those Flashing Lights (Dub Floyd Screamixx)

Video: Pugs Atomz Sound Catcher Tour Part 2

| June 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

Featuring Pugsless, DJ Intel, Vadim & Yarah

Bump J – "Gangsta (Sho Nuff)"

| June 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

An unreleased joint from Bump J (no, not the one from Philly) produced by the Dr. Dre-castoff known as Mel-Man. Speaking of Mel-Man, whatever happened to him, anyway? Last time I heard from Mel he was in the Source with a bunch of disgruntled ex-Aftermath employees with his arms folded across his chest, on some “huffin’ & puffin” shit.

But I digress.

**Where was I going with that**

Bump J – “Gangsta (Sho Nuff)” (Prod. by Mel-Man)

Jacked from Boogz

Video: Young Jeezy & Kanye West – "Put On" Live @ the BET Awards

| June 25, 2008 | 0 Comments

Spotted via Eskay