The United Centa – “Under The Act”

Andrew Barber 0

Mick Luter + Big Wiz + Rashid Hadee = The United Centa

Happy Monday, people. I figured I’d kick things off today with a super exclusive FSD world premiere from the newly formed supergroup, The United Centa. Representing the Westside of the ‘Go, Mick Luter, Big Wiz and Rashid Hadee make up this unique collective of unified spitters.

As Mick Luter puts it, The United Centa is “going to show the Chi a unified effort”. He also eloquently states, “If we’re going to the same place we might as well ride in the same car”

Well put, Mick.

This joint was produced by the one and only, Rashid Hadee. Look for some big things to come from this faction in the near future.

The United Centa – “Under The Act”