Gzus – Rent Money: The Album

Andrew Barber 0

The homie Gzus just hit me with a copy of his latest album/mixtape, Rent Money, which he is offering up to the world for free download (what a guy!)

Hosted by Ray Protégé, the album features a slew of unreleased material and goodies. Enjoy. Download a FREE copy here.

1.Rent Money intro
2.Lose ya soul (prod by Joe Blow)
3.And now u know (prod by Joe Blow)
4.Tryin 2 get sommoe featuring Fat Mac (prod by Drum Squad)
5.Haters Anthem featuring The Sandman (prod by Tapez)
6.Supernova (prod by No ID)
7.The arab is back (prod by Madlib)
8.Game strong featuring The Sandman (prod by Tapez)
9.Match a B featuring Kaz and High Price (prod by Gzus and Joe Blow)
11.We aint goin (prod by Tapez)
12.Can u handle it? featuring Shawnna (prod by dj ???)
13.Grand Introduction (prod by Tapez)
14.Payback is a bitch (prod by Tapez)
15.King shit featuring Tony Dinero (prod by Joe Blow)
16.Clap ya hands (prod by Jezlerox)
17.Be careful what u wish for (prod by Ski Beatz)
18.Baby lets cruise
19.Its gone (prod by Tapez)
20.Brain food (prod by Gzus)
21.Dirty Clothes Remix
22.Yusef has a dream feat. Malik Yusef (prod by Tapez)