New Music Tuesday: Pyth

Andrew Barber 0

Alright, I figured I’d try something different around here, and create weekly column that not only involves you – the readers, but also the aspiring emcees out there who are trying to get their music featured on Fake Shore Drive.

I do get plenty of submissions, and I profusely apologize to anyone out there that I don’t respond to or post their music, because as you may or may not know, my gmail inbox turns into the Pit of Sarlacc at times.

I figured this was a good way for new and up-and-coming artists to get some exposure on the site, and let the readers vote and leave feedback in comments section. I know we have a lot of hecklers around here, and that’s all hilarious to me, but let’s please try to keep it positive and if you hate it (Huffs!), please feel free to leave constructive criticism.

All New Music Tuesday submissions can be sent to my gmail, with the subject line: New Music Tuesdays. Please send a picture of yourself, a small (meaning a few lines) bio, and the song/s in zshare format. I have the first three weeks already locked up with artists, but feel free to send on over.

Okay, well [**tapping the mic**] today’s first submission comes from a Southside emcee by the name of Pyth. I’ll let him tell it:

From The Southside Of Chicago’s Smashville Area Pyth Is An Independent Hip-Hop Artist Who Brings A New Genre He Calls Ville Music To The Game A Mixture Of Club And Street Anthems Take The Listener Through The Ups And Downs Of A Day In The “Ville”. His Persona Is Is Young, Fly, And Infamous Ushering In What He Likes To Call Hip-Hop’s “Primetime Era”

Pyth – “Upside Down”

Pyth – “La La (Freestyle)”

http:[email protected]
http:[email protected]