July 2008


Prometheus Strikes Again, Rhymefest feat. Jadakiss & Chamillionaire – “What’s Up”

Ronson, you better help out your boy!

And just when I thought this Prometheus guy was full of shit, he returns with another ‘Fest joint. I most definitely thought this kid was bluffing last week, but it appears he has some additional tricks up his sleeve.

However, this time he wasn’t as vocal. Here he simply states:

Still don’t see any new music or a video from Fest. You shouldn’t feel threatened by me; you feel threatened by the idea of me. Here’s another song.

Prometheus”bringing fire to mankind”

It’s only labeled as featured Jadakiss, but Chamillionaire is on the track as well.

What do you guys think about all of this? You think this Prometheus guy is full of shit? ‘Fest, Ronson or better yet, Clive Davis, better step up and do something here either way.

Rhymfest feat. Jadakiss & Chamillionaire – “What’s Up”

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