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Video: Lupe Fiasco Debuts New Track from LupEnd

| August 31, 2008 | 0 Comments

Live @ Indiana University. What up to my alma matter.

Via LupEnd

Update:  G-Money just sent over an MP3 rip of the two new tracks Lupe debuted the other night in Bloomington, IN. The second track sounds like he’s going in over that “Dear Summer” sample (whatever that is)
Lupe Fiasco – “New Shit”

Lil Wayne Cites Mikkey Halsted As Inspiration in XXL

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In the October issue of XXL (which features Weezy on the cover, yet again), Lil Wayne is asked who his lyrical inspiration was and who helped him become the beast that he now is.  Look no further that Chi City’s own, Mikkey Halsted, or as XXL mistakenly labeled him, “Mickey”
XXL: It seems that you started getting better when you had different influences come into the crew, like Gillie Da Kid and Boo & Gotti and them.  Different people for inspiration…

Wayne: It wasn’t really Gillie never. ‘Cause at the time, I wasn’t doing the Cash Money thing. I was on my Squad Up shit.  Baby wasn’t too found of us at the time. At that time, they had all them cause a n*gga wasn’t around.  But they had this one rapper, Mickey.  If anybody had me really get on my shit, Mickey.  By the time Gillie and them came, I was just a hi-and-bye n*gga.  I’m just stopping by, “What up my n*ggas, blazay blah.” Smoke one or two, talk about some shit and be gone.

XXL: Mickey, where was he from?

Wayne: He from the Chi.

XXL: What was it about his style that made you get on your shit?

Wayne: You know them n*ggas from the Chi’.  Like Kanye say his words right, you can understand exactly. But it was really a mental thing, ’cause after the 500 Degreez album, I was trying to figure out how the hell I ain’t getting recognized and I’m spitting better than every n*gga I know.  So I simplified all my shit. Like, [before] that shit would be jumbled.  I’d listen to a song and be like, I totally didn’t have to use that word. 
Man, that’s a good look for the Uncrowned King. Well deserved. 
Thanks to everyone who hit me up about this yesterday. 

Video: Reno Chinati Speaks on Yung Berg Incident

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He also touches on the Jay Stones video that 80 people sent me last week.

Bonus: Reno Chinati feat. EL – “Dance Like A White Girl” (Prod. by Q-Beans)

Video: Lupe Fiasco – "Gotta Eat" (Fan Made)

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Is it just me or does dude look like he robbed the Salvation Army for that suit?  

Lee Majorz – "Jack Move"

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New music from Lee Majorz, the Phedz enforcer. 

Lee Majorz – “Jack Move” 

Kanye @ The DNC

| August 29, 2008 | 0 Comments

I would have posted the picture of ‘Ye and Obama, but I thought this one was way funnier.  Don’t ask me why, but when they kept panning to Biden in the crowd last night, I was cracking up.  Too much information, I know.  Swagger on a hundred, thousand, trillion. 

Peep the rest at Ye’s House. 

Lupe Fiasco feat. GemStones – "I Know Why" (Prod. by Prolyfic)

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You know the drill.  Another high quality Lu track from the X-Files.  GemStones on the hook, Prolyfic on the track. 

Pro snapped on this one, by the way.
Lupe Fiasco feat. GemStones – “I Know Why” (Prod. by Prolyfic)
“Just a cold smile like Snowman”

Nico B – "Bloodhound (Freestyle)"

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The best submission from last weeks Boogz Presents…Da Instrumentals challenge (**drumroll please**) has to be Nico B.

First and foremost, and I know Boogz agrees with me here, is that Nico B takes this cake this go round. His freestyle over “Bloodhound” is absolutely hilarious. Not only does he name check the infamous FSD hater, Yakbar, but he goes in on the state of Fake Shore Drive, the hate in the comments section and discusses the sites most popular artists (you might just be mentioned). Hilarious. He even goes in on himself for not having any comments section stans of his own. Hopefully, that’s about to change. Don’t catch any hard feelings people, this is all in good fun.

Nico B – “Bloodhound (Freestyle)”

Much love to S-Preme as well, who dropped a banger over “Fire”. Enjoy that one as well.

We’re still not done taking submissions, so please keep sending until the Volume 2 drops.

Bonus: Nico B – “El Caliente 2.0″ (Prod. by DJ Noble)

Video: Kidz In The Hall – "Love Hangover" (Behind the Scenes)

| August 28, 2008 | 0 Comments

This video was up for about two and a half minutes yesterday, and then mysteriously disappeared (Word to Amelia Earhart) from the internets. The video looks to be very sleek and fresh – very different from the usual Duck Down clips.

via The Movement & Ruby Hornet

Phil G feat. Jay iLLa – "I Ain't On That (Remix)"

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It’s the remix. This one features Mr. Jay iLLa from Ivy League. Yes, he’s rapping.

Phil G feat. Jay iLLa – “I Ain’t On That (Remix)”