Mixtape: YG – Shots Fired

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We dropped a couple of tracks from Glacier City Entertainment’s, YG’s, Shots Fired mixtape last week, and they had a solid response – even getting some burn on Timbuck2’s Go-ILL radio this past Saturday. That’s always a good look.

Anyhoo, the wait is over, and you can download the mixtape in its entirety for FREE now.

YG – Shots Fired

Check out YG’s bio after the jump…

Carrying the banner for Chicago’s notorious “Wild 100’s” (specifically Roseland & West Pullman-ask about him) YG epitomizes the living essence of what Chicago produces as an emcee; a hardened street veteran that fuses wisdom beyond his years with a commitment to entertainment.

Spending his younger years playing ball or out grinding in the streets, YG never envisioned himself as a rapper until he learned that he had an inherent skill that he became inspired to explore. Experiencing the anguish of witnessing friends perish from gun violence or facing extensive prison sentences, ( including his brother KG catching a 25 year prison bid); YG sets out to prove both to himself and detractors from within his own circle that he could carve a different, more difficult path where so many had fallen and leave the carnage and tribulations of his past behind him. YG is out to prove to the world that he doesn’t want to merely survive, but to conquer.

With his brother and fellow Hoodlumz group member KG currently incarcerated, YG is striving to arise from this setback and persevere as a solo artist, now voracious for exposure. Inspired by such rappers as LL Cool J, Jay-Z, & Busta Rhymes, YG aspires to become not just another mixtape rapper, but an enduring creator of polished street music that will keep the parties entertained yet also provoke thought on the block. Although its not uncommon to want to be paid to do what they love, YG is dedicated to delivering an authentic, quality product. According to YG; “I love creating, I want people to actually listen to the words, memorize them, recite them”.He believes it isn’t unrealistic or arrogant to claim that he wants to become counted among the rap legends, because he believes that his potential has only just begun to be manifest. Having lived the struggles as a black youth coming of age in the notoriously brutal Chi-town streets, Glacier City’s own YG sets forth to demonstrate his perseverance as a true student of the craft.

Look for YG’s first solo mixtape “Shots Fired” coming soon in 2008, featuring guest appearances by Lungz, Primo, & KG with production duties being handled by Track Gunnaz, K-Tone, & Complex Productions, among others.

Written By Will Line

Props to Hustle!

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