New Music Tuesday: Nizm

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This week Nizm introduces himself to the FSD readers. Feedback is welcomed and encouraged.

This Is is Nizm’s 4th release. The album is a progression of a man’s journey in time, through trials and tribulations, as well as joys. Nizm stands out from other rappers with his wit and charisma, as well as the resounding production that creates a strong yet soulful hip-hop soundscape. From political issues, to party music to “tongue-n-cheek” humor, Nizm possesses a wit, which is not often seen in his genre of music on a multi-faceted level.

About Nizm:

Nizm is a native of Chicago with a background in architecture. Often his approach to music is similar to his approach to his work, playful yet insightful; being one for looking at the everyday in a different light as taken Nizm around the world. An accomplished writer as well, his knowledge and wisdom extends well beyond his 27 years of age. Lastly, unlike many, Nizm has a business sense, that rivals most multi-national CEOs. Nizm doesn’t sit by the side, but often himself is the architect of the business situations that have incurred his success making him doubly as efficient. His website is

Nizm – “Hip Hop”