Nico B – “Bloodhound (Freestyle)”

Andrew Barber 0

The best submission from last weeks Boogz Presents…Da Instrumentals challenge (**drumroll please**) has to be Nico B.

First and foremost, and I know Boogz agrees with me here, is that Nico B takes this cake this go round. His freestyle over “Bloodhound” is absolutely hilarious. Not only does he name check the infamous FSD hater, Yakbar, but he goes in on the state of Fake Shore Drive, the hate in the comments section and discusses the sites most popular artists (you might just be mentioned). Hilarious. He even goes in on himself for not having any comments section stans of his own. Hopefully, that’s about to change. Don’t catch any hard feelings people, this is all in good fun.

Nico B – “Bloodhound (Freestyle)”

Much love to S-Preme as well, who dropped a banger over “Fire”. Enjoy that one as well.

We’re still not done taking submissions, so please keep sending until the Volume 2 drops.

Bonus: Nico B – “El Caliente 2.0″ (Prod. by DJ Noble)