Rhymefest’s Raw Dawg EP/”Bounce” feat. Kanye West

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You know how I love hidden and hard to find gems, as well as out of print rarities, right? Well, when Nico B told me he had a hard copy of Rhymefest’s 2002-ish Raw Dawg EP, I had to hound him for it. Welp, guess who came through?

I’m obviously going to let the whole thing go soon, but I’m gonna throw out a couple teasers prior to, right? That’s only right.

I figured since most of you goons have already heard “Good Ass Job”, “Fight with the Best” and “On 10 in a Benz”, I’d start with “Bounce” which was produced by, and features Kanye West on the hook (kind of). On this track you’ll hear the famous line that Kanye snatched for “Jesus Walks”

Rhymefest – “Bounce” (feat. Kanye West)

The track list, for kicks, after the jump…

1.) Rhymefest
2.) Good Ass Job (feat. Kanye West & Mikkey Halsted)
3.) On 10 in a Benz (feat. Kanye West)
4.) When I Was
5.) Bounce (feat. Kanye West)
6.) Hush
7.) Fight with the Best (feat. Kanye West & Mikkey Halsted)
8.) In Time
9.) Anotha Banga

Also, be sure to head over to RubyHornet as they have super official interview with ‘Fest, where he discusses the “Stolen” video which dropped yesterday, as well as his future in the biz.

Thanks again to Nico!

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