Hey, doesn’t that sound like: the Twone Gabz vs. Malik Yusef Edition

Andrew Barber 0

So the other day I posted that Malik Yusef record , you know, the one he did with Kanye and that guy from Maroon 5 for the Barry Obama album?  Yeah, that one.  So shortly after I posted (and once people realized FSD was up and running again), I received a few emails from anonymous sources crying afoul. A few Chicago diehards seemed to think the Malik record sounded eerily similar to a track that Twone Gabz had cut a few years earlier, with Malik himself.

The song was featured on a somewhat obscure Gabz mixtape, Do 4 Self Vol. 2, that dropped a few years ago.  The track in question featured some smooth spoken word from Malik at the tail end, and well, the song was also titled, “Promise Land”.

Hmmm.  So not believing these anonymous sources, I reached out to Twone to hear for myself.  I mean, Skooda Chose, Bump & Sly have all had songs called “Promise Land” over the past few years.    That sample has been flipped many ways, many different times.

So we’ll let the FSD readers be the judge – is this a direct shark violation of, or just a coincidence?

Twone Gabz feat. Malik Yusef – “Promise Land”

Malik Yusef feat. Kanye West & Adam Levine – “Promise Land”