So I Guess Kanye Got Arrested Today?

Andrew Barber 0

I guess if this is your first time seeing (not hearing about) this, like me, then you may have been on airplanes and in meetings all day long. Well, the good news, besides the fact that I’m back in the Chi, would be that the Paparazzi didn’t harass your boy in the American Airlines terminal today the way they did ‘Ye. But you know those Paps sweat FSD, joe!


Anyhoo,  the way I was receiving phone calls, text messages and emails, I thought either someone died, Tupac resurrected himself or Memphis Bleek had the #1 single in America.

Every news website, blog and celebrity tabloid in the world was reporting on this today.  Heck, I’d bet dollars to donuts that my Grandparents were talking about this over dinner this evening.
And that, my friends, is when you’ve become the biggest star in music. 
Shit, NBC 5 just used the Kanye clip to tease 10 o’clock news: “Kanye loses it today…Has he gone too far?”
Oh, and finally, Don C was pretty gully.  “I’ll snatch him out his truck, hit him with a brick and I’m dancin”