Uncle Pro’s Stimulus Hardship Beats

Andrew Barber 0

Uncle Pro Wants You!

In the Spring, taxpaying Americans collected their long overdue stimulus checks from Uncle Sam to help boost our slumping economy. Well, this Fall, buzzworthy Chicago artists have the opportunity to collect their hardship stimulus BEATS to help boost the slumping music industry courtesty of Uncle Pro a.k.a. Prolyfic.

Here’s the get down:

In light of the recent recession, election, and soon to be removal of George Dub-ya. Chicago’s own Prolyfic decided to give something back to the community, just as our soon to be former president did. So Prolyfic in conjunction with Fake Shore Drive & NoIDvsTraxster is giving out free “stimulus” beats to all of you citizens in the Chicago community that filed your taxes over the past year (i.e. made a worthy/notable buzz for yourself). If you meet the qualifications you may collect one free beat from producer Prolyfic in a timely manner. The catch is: you have to provide the sample that you want him to “hook up” for you. “I’ll take the sample flip it, hell I might flip it twice give you back the track or tracks and you can do whatever you liiiiiiiiiiiiiike heeeeey” (c) T.I. (All rights reserved of course)

Sounds good to be for $Free.99 ($FREE.99?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?) (c) College Dropout

See if you qualify today!