Video: FSD & Mikkey Halsted’s: One Night Only

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Mikkey Halsted – “Dead Homies Talkin’ Through Me”

First, my apologies on the site being down for damn near an entire day. I’ve basically been having panic attacks all day. Still not 100% sure what even happened, but something happened. Is it fixed? Who knows. Basically, what it boils down to is that gets the GAS FACE.

Anyway, on to official business….

Thanks so much to everyone who came out last night – fans and colleagues alike. The turnout was great and a lot heads came through to support.

Raphael Saadiq was in town doing a show and Jerome Kemp brought him through to check out the event (what a guy!) Also thanks to all the artists and producers who came through to show Chi-Town unity: Really Doe, Million $ Mano, Payroll, Boogz, Prolyfic, Crucial Conflict, Skooda Chose, Ivy League, Twone Gabz, Teefa, SC, Vyle, Lungz, Big Wiz, Que B.I.L.L.A.H., J.Kwest, Reno Chinati, Versatile, Marvo, Nico B, J.Ivy, DP Da Phranchise, Q Hefna and more (I know I’m leaving some out)

Now on to the show…

The house was packed when we dropped the never-before-seen “Liquor Store” video. Not 100% sure when Mikk plans on leaking it to the internets, but I’m hoping soon. Its super dope and the crowd loved it so much that we ran it back twice.

After that Mikkey came out from his backstage area followed by a congo player and immediately went into “Rebel to America” and a freestyle over the live drums.

Mikkey Halsted – “Rebel to America”

Mikk then went in to his “VH1 Storytellers” inspired performance, taking us from the beginning to the current stages of his career. He played the first two songs he ever recorded with Kanye (“Foolish Game” & “Superstar”) and discussed them in great detail. I’ll go ahead and apologize now, my videos are kinda terrible, but hey, that’s all I could do – I was trying to enjoy the show. Some of Mikk’s [*ahem* most] commentary wasn’t recorded in my vids, but you get the idea.

Mikkey talks Kanye West, performs their first recorded material together “Foolish Game” & “Superstar”

He then moved on to his time with Cash Money and later Jermaine Dupri. It was definitely an introspective look into the life and career of Mikkey Halsted.

Mikkey talks Kanye & Cash Money Records

Finally he talked about No ID’s influence on his career and launched into three or four new cuts from his upcoming debut, Chicago: The Photo Album – including “Church”, “Talkin’ through my Dead Homies”. He closed the night with the banger of all bangers “Yes, Yes Y’all” (Coming soon)

Mikkey Halsted – “Church”

Another thanks to everyone for coming out.

Thanks to all the media folks, clothing boutiques and lifestyles brands who showed love – PHLI, Leaders, Fashion Geek, Mo B from the Movement, Da Visionaryz, Marc Moran, Anthony “the Hardest Working Writer in the Chi” Roberts, Eugene McIntosh from Day 1 Stay Humble, Carl & Cep from Double Threat Entertainment, Family Business, Glacier City, Brian from,, RollingOutTV,, Wallace, Dillaman, Kevin Allen from the Sun Times – who else am I forgetting?

And of course the sponsors – Black Swam Wines (most importantly), Cornerstone, Ruby Hornet (thanks to RTC and Virgil – you know they’ll have the official footage), Dave Jeff and the PHLI Crew, Mon Ami Jewelers, Javin and the 4man crew, Uncrowned City. Also thanks to Timbuck2 and Toure for holding it down on the decks
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