Video: Twista, Skooda Chose & the GMG Live in Chicago

Andrew Barber 0

Twista – “Adrenaline Rush”

So last night I went up to the Metro to catch Mic Terror, EPMD and Twista’s benefit concert for the Humane Society. Pretty solid bill, right? Now that’s right up my alley, because if you know me, you know how I feel about EPMD. Legends! Twista? Legend!

The security at the Metro has tried to boot me from a handful of concerts over the years for filming during performances. They apparently don’t like when I do that. So I kept a low profile until Twista came on, because you know, if I was gonna risk getting the boot (getting footage for you, the FSD readers no less), I damn sure wasn’t going to miss all of the acts.

So here are some pretty solid vids of Twista, the kid Skooda Chose and the rest of the GMG. He did his laundry list of hits including his verse on “Po Pimp”, “Adrenaline Rush”, “Slow Jamz” and “Overnight Celebrity”. He even did some stuff from the first Mobstability ablum, which is a favorite of mine. I’ve still never seen him do “Overdose” though.

After the show I got to meet EPMD which was truly an honor. Big props to Mic T, Twista, Skooda, Wallace and the whole GMG. Heck, Erick Sermon and Skooda were discussing working on some tracks together – so be on the lookout for that.

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Twista & the Speedknot Mobstaz feat. Skooda Chose – “Money to Blow”

Twista – “Po Pimp”

Twista – “Get it Wet”

Twista & Liffy Stokes – “Legit Ballers”

Skooda Chose – “Fly Shit”

Skooda Chose – “A Millie”

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