Mic Terror x MIA Billboard on the Sunset Strip

Andrew Barber 0

My first experience with these Myspace Music billboards was last weekend in NYC – I was walking through Times Square (I know, I know) and I noticed this massive billboard which featured Weezy F. Baby in a rather, shall I say goofy pose.  But what really got my attention, besides the fact that Myspace went out of their way to make Wayne look like space creature, was that he listed 5 of his favorite songs – two of which really stood out to me:  UGK’s “Let Me See It” and Too Short’s “I Ain’t Trippin”, which are two great tracks, and I respect Wayne’s taste there – however I began to chuckle thinking about how many thousands of people will see this billboard and have no idea what “Let Me See It” is actually about. Well done Wayne.

“If you ain’t finna fuck Pimp, then you ain’t finna fuck Bun.”  LOLLERCOPTERS.

So when I was sent these shots of MIA’s LA billboard on the Sunset Strip, I also got a chuckle because her list features Mic Terror’s “Juke Dem Hoes.  I can’t believe Myspace, which is a Fox property, would sign off on something like that.  Either way, it’s hilarious and a big look for Mic.  He somehow managed to treat LA and Myspace.  I hope he gets crazy downloads on the strength of this.

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