The Primeridian – “Feel My Pain”

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The Primeridian keep hitting me off with quality leftovers from their newly-released Da Mornin’ Afta, which dropped this past Tuesday.  This joint, in particular, was done by a UK-producer by the name of Willowtreez.

In other Primeridian news, they are currently working on the video for their first single, “Bucktown” , which features Naledge – as well as gearing up for their show with Little Brother, Pugs & Decay at the Abbey Pub on October 14th.

The Primeridian – “Feel My Pain” (Prod. by Willowtreez)

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The Primeridian “Da Mornin’ Afta”

The Windy City’s Hip Hop stable runs the gamut from Common to Cool Kids, Kidz In the Hall to Twista and even Kanye to Molemen. Chicago single-handedly refutes stubborn old folks that claim all Hip Hop sounds the same. For their third album, Tree and See-Me-On of The Primeridian completed the off-season acquisition of longtime friend and collaborator, Racetacula. Despite this shakeup, Da Mornin’ Afta sounds like a logical progression from 2004’s Da All Nighta, both in name and vibe. Note the use of “Da” in the title, rather than the significantly less Hip Hop equivalent. Entirely outsourced to European beatmakers, Da Mornin’ Afta demonstrates that Hip Hop is in the soul and not a GPS location.

While the general American audience might not be ready for foreign languages or strong accents, production is a different story. An instrumental can originate from New York or Germany with fans being none the wiser. Three subscribers to this theory belong to The Primeridian, who tapped Nicolay from the Netherlands, Norway’s J-Rose, Willowtreez of the U.K. and DJ Steady from France. This time around, PM’s trademark soulful sound was injected with traces of grit and edge. Take the No Mercy featured “Change the Meridian,” which appropriately earned the subtitle “Hard Rock” and serves as Race’s initiation. Even the “Mornin’ Afta Intro” hits hard with a funny monologue about backwards messages in Heavy Metal music. Who knows what kind of subliminal messages Da Mornin’ Afta is emanating.

Not including the Intro, Howmanysyllablesmario’s words on “Mario Speaks,” the silly “Count Tac Acts a Fool” and the shout out laced “Shoutro,” Da Mornin’ Afta shapes up at a brisk nine tracks, more than half of which feature guest spots. Naledge from Kidz In the Hall joins the fray on “Bucktown,” a stormy City of Wind anthem that lifts Brooklyn’s famous nickname. The other notable posse cut is “Takeuthere” featuring singer Yaw, Chi’s Iomos Marad and Imani from the Pharcyde. “Whistle While You Work” delivers on all aspects of the title, with job-related rhymes over a whistle-infused beat by Willowtreez. The substance continues on “Trust” featuring Ka-Di, focusing on the five letter word that defines all relationships. Even with the newfound edge, “Melodic Healing” oozes soul and Nicolay’s “Let’s Go” shines with Rhythm & Blues style guitar.

Lineup changes are always risky business for groups with established identities. Just as the Cunninlynguists seamlessly integrated third member Natti, Race fits The Primeridian like the last jigsaw piece that fell beneath the couch. Part of Da Mornin’ Afta’s success should be attributed to PM’s open door studio policy. Between the guests galore and tracks that feature anywhere from one to all three members, the focus is always on the music rather than egos. There’s no law requiring each group member to get a 16 bar verse. The group’s collaborative passport may have earned a few extra stamps, but in the end it’s just some more of that Go Ill flavor.
4 out of 5
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