Video: GLC – “Blinded By The Light” (Behind the Scenes)

Andrew Barber 0

…Or something like that. Since I can’t edit video (read: too busy, or too lazy) this is all the behind the scenes footage you are getting from me (By the way, if you know how to edit video, you’re hired. Starting today), from the shoot of GLC’s new video, “Blinded by the Light”.

Anyhoo, GLC wrapped the video shoot last night in front of the Chicago Theatre with a handful of notable Chicagoans in attendance – Mikkey, Really Doe, Dillaman, Versatile, DJ Geno, Ken Rock, JNan and plently more. Not to mention his co-star, the lovely Drew Sidora.

They made the best of a rainy night and from what I’ve seen, it’s turning out super official. Video shoot permit or not.