Jim Jones: “We’re Going To Kill Kanye”

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Not really, but how’s that for twisting a headline? How irresponsible of me! No seriously, that’s irresponsible.

In next month’s Complex Magazine, the ever engaging Jim Jones has the cover story, and it’s a must read, due to the its sheer ridiculousness. He and his latest BFF Dame Dash use every opportunity possible to take shots at Kanye West and Jay-Z.  They go as far as to imply that Kanye and Jay-Z actually hate eachother, and that Jay didn’t want to give Kanye a chain on his now infamous (thanks to the “Through the Wire” video) “Chaining Day”.  He also claims the beat for “H to the Izzo” was promised to Cam’Ron for Come Home With Me, and that they didn’t know Jay had swiped it until watching the 2001 BET Awards (I remember watching that!  Jay brought Snoop, Nelly and all their respective crews on stage for the celebration of his new single)

Capo states:


“Kanye came to our studio session at Sony, and he was playing some beats back when we were all signed to Rocafella. Cam was about to come out with Come Home With Me, so we told Kanye we wanted to buy the song “H to the Izzo.” It was an understanding we had between us and Kanye because we were all under the same label. So then, I’ll never forget it, we’re at Cam’s house and this hip-hop award show comes on [BET Awards, 2001], and Cam and I are watching it on his couch, and we’re like, “Next year we’re gonna be up there.” So they announce that Jay-Z is about to perform his new single off The Blueprint, and the dude comes out with the “H to the Izzo” beat. Cam and I look at each other like, Oh, we’re going to kill Kanye. Oh my God, when we catch this n****,we’re going to do something terrible to him. And that’s how Cam ended up getting the “Down and Out” beat. Kanye gave it to him free of charge as payback.”

And later Damon D-dash chimes in:

“This was before that. He was already in full hate by that time. [Laughs.] This n**** [Kanye] was like, “Wow, he ain’t going to give me the chain.” I had to take off my chain and give it to him, and I was heated. I had the real canary diamonds. That shit cost $40,000! I told Kanye, “Yo, you got to give that back when we get off this stage!”

It’s an interesting read, but such a publicity stunt.  Of course they were waiting on Kanye to be on top of the world before going after him.  I mean, I bet Dame, Cam and Jimmy never thought the “beatmakers” star would eclipse their own.  I guess they have to find a well to send Pray IV Reign, right?

Read the whole thing here.
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