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Kanye West feat. Young Jeezy – “Amazin” x “Tell Everybody That You Know” feat. Lil Wayne

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Thanks to everyone who sent this over (and I sincerely mean that). 

Yet another leak from 808’s & Heartbreak, produced by Yeezy and No ID.  I missed the B.O.B.O conference call earlier today, but luckily RH was on hand to transcribe.

Damn, and someone just hit me with the Wayne joint.  The F?

Where is Shark Radio when you need him?

Kanye West & Young Jeezy – “Amazin” (Prod. by Kanye West & No ID)

Kanye West feat. Lil Wayne – “Tell Everybody That You Know”

Wes Restless & Matlock – “Won’t Be Now” (Prod. by Jake One)

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Rhymesayers is currently hosting a Jake One contest in honor of the release of his super official album, White Van Music. Well, as part of the contest you can record your own song to one of the beats from his album and submit it to become one of the top 5 (which is to be announced today, apparently), which will then narrowed down to one, where the winner will win a beat and a session with Jake.  Here Wes Restless and Matlock got together with DJ Alo on the cuts to create, “Won’t Be Now”

Best of luck to Matlock and Wes!

Wes Restless & Matlock – “Won’t Be Now” (Prod. by Jake One)

Video: Pugs Atomz feat. Dave Ghetto & Deuce Eclipse – “Memorial”

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Pugs Atomz “Memorial feat. Dave Ghetto & Deuce Eclipse from Pugs Atomz on Vimeo.

This video is crazy! Pugs writes:

Pugs Started this animated 8 bit music video (think nintendo tabletops) back in May and finally got her done this month enjoy… Taken from The Pugs Atomz album “Conversations with a Chamelion” on Gravel Records.

Big Wiz feat. Shugga – “Trick Pleaze”

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Here’s something brand new from Big Wiz and local femcee Shugga.  Here they go back and forth on the battle of the sexes. 

Big Wiz feat. Shugga – “Trick Pleaze”

Previously: Video: Shugga – “Wanna Be” , Big Wiz – Welcome 2 L-Town The Mixtape

Video: Nick Stylz a.k.a Fooch & Verbs Freestyle In The Park

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Nick Stylz and Verbs take their turn on the celebrated RubyHornet series.

GLC Interview with Crack Distributors Radio

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This was supposed to go up yesterday, but there were some technical difficulties with the youtube link. Anyhoo, GL the Great called in to chat with Shine over at Crack Distributors Radio to discuss everything from the Go-Getters, to how he hooked up with ‘Ye, to the I Ain’t Even On Yet mixtape. 

Mixtape: Block Xchange & DJ Nephets – The Intro

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As you know Ludacris and DTP have a lot of love for the Chi (Cris was originally from here), so it’s no surprise that they came back to the Windy to ink their latest addition to DTP, Block Xchange.  Here these young guns team up with DJ Nephets, for their taste of Chicago mixtape, The Intro.  The mixtape features such heavy hitters as Ludacris, Twista, Shawnna & 4-Ize.  Download a free copy now.

Block Xchange & DJ Nephets – The Intro

Tracklist after the jump…

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Kanye West feat. Kid Cudi – “Welcome To Heartbreak”

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Seriously, this ish needs to stop leaking, it’s messing up my album listening experience.  I believe this is the sixth liberated song from 808s & Heartbreak. “Welcome To Heartbreak” features Kid Cudi, who I’m still basically unfamiliar with.  The quality of the track is Deputy Dog Shit, but you get the idea.  This Shark Radio guy also gets the Gas Face.

Kanye West feat. Kid Cudi – “Welcome to Heartbreak” (Radio Rip)

Shouts to Perajok

Atlantic Records “Decline Comment” On Lupe Retirement, LupEnd

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I will admit that I definitely saw this coming. reports:

Atlantic Records is declining comment on reports that rapper Lupe Fiasco will retire from music after releasing a triple disc album titled “LupEND.”

There is no way these ‘bags at Atlantic Records are going to let Lupe just throw in the towel with a three album swan song.  He’s without a doubt one of their most viable hip-hop acts at the moment.  I bet when Lu made that announcement on Halloween Craig Kallman’s bat phone began to ring off the hook and it sent shivers down his spine.   I really can’t see them taking that “set aside” Lupe budget and putting it towards, say, a Big Kuntry King or Pleasure P (sorry I just checked the website and it made me chuckle)

Read the rest of the piece, which doesn’t really offer much of anything else, here. 

Video: Angie Martinez Interview with Common

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