December 2008


Timmy G – “Wus Happenin”

Ahhh, the power of the internets.  Just yesterday I sent out a distress call for one of the original Go-Getters, Timmy G, because  I posted a throwback Kanye West joint that featured him and Sly Polaroid and readers were genuinely interested in what he’s been up to.  Well, less than 12 hours later Timmy G found me and sent over an arsenal of new material and info on his whereabouts.

Apparently, Tim is still holding down his neighborhood and most recently dropped his No Refunds mixtape, which is available on the streets now.  He also noted that he has a proper, full-length album dropping on May 16th entitled, Thinking Like A Millionaire.  This is just a warning shot….expect more from Timmy G on FSD very soon.

Timmy G – “Wus Happenin”

See, dreams do come true on FSD.  Eff what ya heard.

Andrew Barber 0