Mikkey Halsted feat. Kaye Fox – “Karma” (Prod. by No ID)

Andrew Barber 1

“It’s probably Karma, the drama, the two headed monster, some hide in a Bush, some ridin with Osama”

Karma is the second official leak from Mikkey’s upcoming debut, Chicago: The Photo Album.  Mikk recently shot the video for “Karma” with the very talented Noah Banks, and it should be dropping everywhere sometime this week.  I have included a screen cap from said video above as an added bonus.

Also, this is the full, official, no DJ, extended version of Karma that has not leaked anywhere.  Enjoy.

Mikkey Halsted feat. Kaye Fox – “Karma” (Prod. by No ID) 

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  1. never knew he had any previously dlgienas w/the Roc. not sure if that’s a good fit or not either. Hell, i don’t know what label/distribution deal fits artists like him Gibbs but maybe they should try the Asylum route like Pill.

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