Chicago Producer Murdered In Nightclub

Andrew Barber 0

This is tragic. I obviously hate reporting on this kind of stuff.  I’m not familiar with dudes work, so if you guys know of anything, please drop it in the comments section.

Bryan King, of the 9700 block of South University, was shot inside Transit Nightclub at 1431 W. Lake St. about 2:30 a.m., police said. A second man also was shot.

King, 28, was a music producer who worked mostly with rap artists, said his mother, Connie Griffin-King. “He was loved by his family,’’ Griffin-King, 53, said of her only son…

…Bryan King was going to move to Atlanta Monday to continue pursuing his music career there, she said. He was out with friends Thursday night. She was not sure what led to the shooting.
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