Kanye Creating a Hip Hop Musical?

Andrew Barber 0

…At least that’s what MediaFakeout is reporting.  Apparently, an “inside source” is claiming that ‘Ye is hard at work on a Broadway-style Hip Hop Musical:

[Kanye’s] hard at work on a new play. It’s sort of like a musical, because the actors “rap” their lines. I hear it’s really interesting. Plus Kanye’s a genius so you know it will be hot

Hmmmm….Who knows if there is any validity to this, and NO, this isn’t a gossip site, but I found this very interesting…not that I like Broadway shows, or anything.  However, I do think if he was able to pull off a show like this, he would be able to introduce musicals to a whole new audience. 

I’m actually surprised Master P didn’t do this back when he was dropping albums every two weeks.  Word to Silkk.