Mick Luter Voted Top Chicago Emcee of 2008

Andrew Barber 0

Well, the votes are in, the people have spoken, and the FSD voters have selected Mick Luter as Chicago’s Top Emcee in 2008. Mick actually ran away with this election besting his closest competitor, Lupe Fiasco, by 102 votes.

Now, as always with all things FSD, there was a lot controversy surrounding the poll. Of course various readers were mad that certain emcees were left off and that certain emcees were included (“no one with a deal should be on here!”), etc. Heck, people were also accusing the poll of being juiced. I guess it’s always a “no win” situation, huh?

Also, my apologies to Mic Terror who was originally on the poll, but when I redid it I accidentally omitted him, but he most definitely deserved to be on there. I’m going to do a similar poll within the next few days including the various artists throughout the city who weren’t included on this one.

I would also like to thank all 1,250 people who rocked the vote. Happy New Year to all of you out there and a well deserved congratulations to Mick Luter for the big win.  Best of luck in 2009 and thanks for helping me grow FSD in 2008.

Hit the jump for the final results…

1.) Mick Luter – 301 votes
2.) Lupe Fiasco – 199 votes
3.) GLC – 174 votes
4.) Mikkey Halsted – 167 votes
5.) Kanye West – 133 votes
6.) Pugs Atomz – 53 votes
7.) Common – 50 votes
8.) Count (of L.E.P.) – 45 votes
9.) Naledge – 34 votes
10.) Bump J – 24 votes
11.) Sly Polaroid – 24 votes
12.) Skooda Chose – 20 votes
13.) Rhymefest – 16 votes
14.) Twista – 9 votes
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