January 2009


Chicago Producer Murdered In Nightclub

This is tragic. I obviously hate reporting on this kind of stuff.  I’m not familiar with dudes work, so if you guys know of anything, please drop it in the comments section.

Bryan King, of the 9700 block of South University, was shot inside Transit Nightclub at 1431 W. Lake St. about 2:30 a.m., police said. A second man also was shot.

King, 28, was a music producer who worked mostly with rap artists, said his mother, Connie Griffin-King. “He was loved by his family,’’ Griffin-King, 53, said of her only son…

…Bryan King was going to move to Atlanta Monday to continue pursuing his music career there, she said. He was out with friends Thursday night. She was not sure what led to the shooting.
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Lupe’s LupE.N.D. Postponed Indefinitely?

Lupe just announced, via his networking site, FNF Army (who knew?), that he’s postponing the release of LupE.N.D. indefinitely, and moving forward with a project entitled: The Great American Rap Album.  Is Lupe hinting at label problems?  Interesting.

Due to circumstances beyond my control…the album roll out has changed radically…LUPE.N.D. has been postponed indefinitely!!!

As a matter of fact consider it cancelled until further notice!!!

Sorry Guys & Gals!!!!…the rumor mill and bitch ass cowards are going to have a field day with this one!!!…I’ll just keep quiet about the actual reasoning so everybody can put their very special two cents in…

OK..so what now???

Actually an album is still coming in June…Thats Right!!!…Drum Roll Please…


Yeah thats the new title…

want the tracklist?


1. Song #1
2. Song #2
3. Song #3
4. Song #4
5. Song #5
6. Song #6
7. Song #7
8. Song #8
9. Song #9
10. Song #10
11. The Greatest Rap Song Ever Made

No B.S.

See ya’ll in June and again in December and again next June…

LupE.N.D. right after that…when the liberation comes!!!…

also JAPANESE CARTOON “IN THE JAWS OF THE LORDS OF DEATH” drops the same day as “THE GREAT AMERICAN RAP ALBUM”…Matthew Santos this spring…oh yeah…FNF UP!!!

I hate the music business…but I love music…Grammy’s Here We Come!!!

Spotted via Sean
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Rhymefest Explains Charles Hamilton Beef

Just in case you were confused or if you missed it:

Subject: Why I Had To.

First of all, this whole thing between me and Chucky Cheese began last Halloween when I invited him on stage to a cipher for a show at Madison College where he was my opening act. He grabs the mic, turns to me and challenges me to a battle in front of my fans.

Then his guys come on stage with cameras trying to get a YouTube moment or something. He obviously didn’t understand the dynamite he was playing with. Long story short, I humiliated him.

Even though I KNEW at this point those tapes would NOT be released, y’all know me. No need to ruin his career so early. So to show that there were no hard feelings, I reached out to him the next day and asked if he would like to be on my El Che Manual mixtape. This offer was out of sheer ‘damn, Rhymefest is a cool ass nigganess’. However, he declined. No hard feelings!

THEN…I see a video of him ethering himself, saying how him losing to me somehow equates him to Eminem. (Sidebar: Charles, I know Eminem. Trust me, you are NO Eminem). STILL I chilled.

Let’s fast forward to SOB’s. I was actually there to support my man Scram Jones and his group Two Face. I waited around for Chuck to grace the stage so I could see what was really up. The crowd had thinned out because they were there to see the earlier act. About 40 people were left in the venue, and I’m like WTF? Chucky comes on telling us all how he just left LA and the wonderful weather, and how New York sucks. I’m like OK…get to the raps nigga. He runs through about two songs before I start hearing light boos and seeing thumbs down from at least 15 of the 40 people in the crowd. This is NEW YORK nigga!! You can’t hold your own city down?? I’m like man this shit is wack so I head for the door.

No sooner than I left, I’m getting calls that he had my name in his mouth YET AGAIN!! As he was losing to another battle proven artist, he has the audacity to imply that he beat ME and now he’s going to beat Serius Jones! “Two old ass niggas that wanna come back and battle”. So as you can see, I’m not picking on Charles for no reason. Charles just fucked with the wrong nigga.

By the way, Charles Hamilton just called me and tried to lightweight threaten me that I didn’t want to take it to the streets. Huh?

EL Che coming soon.
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