Que B.I.L.L.A.H. – “Put Me In The Game” x “Bang, Bang Boogie”

Andrew Barber 0

Two more joints (a.k.a the third installment) from Que B.I.L.L.A.H.’s Lost mixtape.  The first is a track inspired by Blitz: The League II, where Que lends his voice as one of the quarterbacks (no, seriously.  He’s in the game). 

Joint number two is the Que BILLAH x Scarface ‘The World Is Yours’ – “Bang, Bang Boogie”, produced by Vernon Reid the lead quitarist from the 90s rock band Living Colour.


Que B.I.L.L.A.H. – “Put Me In The Game”

Que B.I.L.L.A.H. – “Bang, Bang Boogie”