Throwback: Chicago in The Source’s Regional Steelo in ’99

Andrew Barber 0

Earlier today, Nico B, slid this throwback article my way.  It was featured in The Source magazine’s Regional Steelo section back in May of ’99.  I’ll give someone one of those Fubu 05 jersey’s if they can name who was on the cover for that edition.  I’d be able to answer that if I had my stash of Source magazines that I keep at my parents house the Batcave, or if I hadn’t done any harm to my brain over the past 10 years (when we all know that’s not the case).

Check the shot of Don C and John Monopoly in the bottom left hand corner.  LOL.  Some things remain the same and , others, well, change.  Also peep The Twilite Tone and a very young Timbuck2 on the escalator in the top right corner.