Video: Rhymefest Discusses Beef with Charles Hamilton

Andrew Barber 0

KarenCivil catches up with Che while working away in Mark Ronson’s NYC studio. She had this to say:

While interviewing Curren$y, Rhymefest was also recording in Mark Ronson’s studio. If you dont know, I had a few “not so nice” words for him about his beef with Charles Hamilton. Charles was a friend of mine, and of course I found it necessary to defend him, but I guess in blogging world, it comes off as one sided. So, Fest & I had a sit down conversation where he shed light on his side of the story. Rhymefest is one hell of a writer, and incredibly intelligent. Not many rappers I know are privileged to speak at Yale’s Black Solidarty Conference when their album drops. I still find this beef boring though. I wish both artist the best of luck, chalk this up to a case of “one big misunderstanding“…On a more positive note; Rhymefest is working on his mixtape which features some great hip hop legends. He also let me preview his new video, which I happened to like a lot, reminds me of a Boondocks cartoon kind of theme. Yeah he dissed Charles and the hipster click. Never did I say I was a peacemaker, that’s a jewelers job.

Note the music video she’s referencing is for ‘Fest’s upcoming first single “Chicago” from El Che.  The song and video is crazy…and I give you the FSD guarantee.