Bo Deal feat. Count (of L.E.P.) and C-Lo – “Hustle”

Andrew Barber 0

Bo Deal drops off the first official leak from his upcoming mixtape, From Me To You: The Leak, which officially drops next week.  Bo really rolled out the read carpet for this one, enlisting the likes of OJ Da Juiceman (Aye!), Gucci Mane (Aye!) and Bump J for assistance.  The first leak features the G Count and C-Lo on and ode to everyone’s favorite sport: Hustling.

I should have some additional tracks before the official release, so keep checking back for more Bo D. 

Bo Deal feat. Count (of L.E.P.) and C-Lo – “Hustle”

Sidenote:  I enjoy the album cover because it’s in the vain of those old No Limit/Pen-N-Pixel covers (look at all of those CD pressing machines!) from the late mid-to-late 90’s that I loved.  Yeah I said it.  DKDC what you think.  All Bo needs to add are some diamond encrusted and gold plated CD machines, bears smoking cigars and eating fruit, and an AmEx card with his face on it.