GemStones Retired? x “Still Got The Ring” (feat. St. Nic)

Andrew Barber 0

Last week I first received a message from Sean over at the LupEnd blog, asking me if I knew what was going on with GemStones.  Apparently, his Twitter account has been deleted, and his Myspace page no longer bares the GemStones moniker and he’s now going by his government, Demarco Castle.

I tried contacting Gem but was unable to reach him, and after doing some detective work and asking around, it’s rumored that Gem is no longer rapping and has decided to hang it up.  I’ve also heard that Demarco may be coming back in the Gospel genre, but I cannot confirm that either. 

Now, I’m not one to spread rumors, but I’m a fan of Gem and would hate to see his career be over before it actually begins.  But if he’s chosen the path of God, then I support him and his decisions 100%.  But as a fan, I really hope it isn’t over for him.  I’m sure many of you feel the same way. 

Here’s a recording posted on his Myspace page, a joint he did with the late St. Nic (R.I.P.), before he passed.  It’s a dedication to St. Nic’s wife, “Still Got The Ring”.

GemStones & St. Nic – “Still Got The Ring”