Sly Polaroid – “Got A Stain”

Andrew Barber 0

Produced by Chase Davis.

Here’s the first official leak from Sly’s mixtape, The Inauguration, which has been completed and will be out within the next few weeks.

I recently hit the lab with Sly and Emmaculate (with Chase Davis in tow) to preview some tracks from Sly’s two (yes TWO) upcoming mixtapes, as well as his debut album, which is currently in the works.  Let me be the first to tell you that Sly has some absolute burners in the stash.  For all the chatter or comments saying ‘he can’t do it without Bump’ or what have you, might want to reconsider.  I was pleasantly surprised and will go ahead an put this in the very top tier of projects I’m excited for in 2009.  Emmac and Sly have a chemistry that I can’t describe in words.  You’re just gonna have to wait and hear it yourself.

Sly Polaroid – “Got A Stain” (Prod. by Chase Davis)

Be on the lookout for the official Sly Polaroid x Fake Shore Drive interview coming soon.  Feel free to hit me with an suggested questions as well.