Video: Common – “NY State of Mind” (Live)

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And some other clips…

Last night Microsoft and VH1 hosted a Musicology 101/launch party for Common’s new clothing line with Microsoft, Softwear, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Chicago. Biz Markie spun the majority of the evening with Common taking the stage for his set a bit later.  Microsoft really went all out for this event.  I’m not a PC, but g’dang if they didn’t show me a good time.

Com did his usual set of hits, songs for the ladies (where did they find all of the incredible women in the place last night? Hey Zeus, it was abnormal for a hip hop event!), and his ‘off the dome’ freestyle where he cites Weezy EF Baby and “Lollipop”.

My highlight of the evening was Lonnie’s performance of Nas’ “NY State of Mind”, which he flipped into “Chi State of Mind”. I had my camera on hand and was able to get some additional clips for you. You can check them out after the jump.

Sidebar 1: I happened to walk into the venue at the same time as the legendary Biz Markie. The party boy doorman had absolutely NO CLUE who the Biz was, and was trying to shake him down for answers and stop him from coming in. “So are you performing tonight?” Not knowing who the Biz is? Fail.

Sidebar 2: I told Happy (yes, the Happy, as in: “Ask Happy I Hustle, for a week in the Chi” – Cam’ron on Kanye’s “Gone”) that I’d mention that I accidentally spit my gum on him while I was beaking at him about something (ask RTC).  My apologies, Hap.  Fail 2.

Common – “I Used to Love H.E.R.”

Common – “Announcement”

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