13. Fake Shore Drive “The Midwest Rap Kingdom”

Andrew Barber 0

Now, I’m not going to agree with that, but hey, that’s what Vibe had to say.

Now that the full article is online, I figured I’d share the link.  Last time I bring it up, I promise*

Vibe’s: The Top 50 Best Rap Blogs, Ranked! (20-11)

via Vibe:

EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s been said that when it comes to this here rap game, rap blogs are the new streets, breaking music and news faster than a bootlegger getting an edge up at the local barbershop. But if that’s the case, then who’s running these here new streets? To find out, VIBE hit what the old heads used to call the digital superhighway and scooped up the 50 best rap blogs in the land. Then we ranked ’em according to power, influence, and straight up dopeness. To find out who’s running the game, pick up our The Real Rap Issue (June/July 2009) on newsstands May 19, or keep coming back to VIBE.com, where we’ll drop the top 50 in descending order, 10 by 10, until we unveil the Web’s No. 1 rap blog on Friday, May 8. We’ll also be interviewing five of the hottest bloggers in the game to find out what it takes to put a pot in play and get it bubbling to the top. As the headline says: THIS IS WHAT IT LINKS LIKE!