Battle of the Position: Hot Stylz feat. T-Pain vs. Bobby Valentino

Andrew Barber 0

So as the typical story goes, Artist A has a hot record featuring Artist B.  However, due to label obligations, clearance issues, money, or hell – even buzz, Artist B cannot be cleared for the project/song at hand.

So if Artist A knows they have a hit with said record, what are they to do?  Well, the go and recruit Artist C to fill their place.

Enter Hot Stylz, whose single “Assume the Position” featuring T-Pain, for whatever reason, will never be officially released.  So what did Yung Joc’s protege’s go and do? They went and got Bobby V, renamed the song “Play Your Position” and plan to officially release it.

My question for you, though, is who killed who?  What version is better?  And don’t say “The T-Pain version”, just because he’s a bigger artist and on the radio 2000 times a day.  What version is truly the best?  Listen, find out and speak on it.

Hot Stylz feat. T-Pain – “Assume the Position”

Hot Stylz feat. Bobby Valentino – “Play your Position”

Props to DJ MoonDawg, and be on the lookout for his upcoming mixtape with the boys from Hot Stylz.