Latanya feat. Twista – “What U On”

Andrew Barber 0

Produced by The Legendary Traxster

When Sir Thomas passed this gem my way, it kind of messed me up, being that this song totally escaped my memory for well over a decade.

I think I had this track via a Blunt Recordings cassette sampler that I picked up somewhere (like I remember the location, dummy) in 1998 (ish).  I believe it wasn’t too long after Adrenaline Rush was released – back when EVERYTHING Trax and Twist touched turned to gold (or platinum – did you hear Adrenaline Rush was just certified platty?).  Twist’s flow even sounsd AR-esque here.  Sorry I can’t remember, I’ve drank since then.

And if I’m wrong on the Blunt Recordings thing, someone please stop correct me.  I’d like to think I still have this cassette in my treasure trove of rap tapes somewhere in my old bedroom.  Hmmm….

Anyhoo, here’s the unedited version of “What U On”, which to my knowledge, has never seen the light of day.

Not sure whatever became of Latanya, though. 

Latanya feat. Twista – “What U On” (Prod. by The Legendary Traxster)

Edit: is claiming DJ Herb produced this.  Can we get a confirmation?  I was right about Blunt, though